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Check out all of Anne’s portfolios, polaroids and agency shots right here: Head shots & agency polaroids

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Here are the sexy photos of last nights episode of the Face, titled “Male Bonding”. Sharon and Tia were the epitome of sexy while shooting. Unfortunately, the owner of Fleur du Mal , Jennifer Zuccarini wasn’t as impressed with Team Anne as we’d hope she’d be. In the end, Team Lydia was victorious leading to the biggest upset of the night, the elimination of Sharon Gallardo.

Says Lydia: ” I am SHOCKED that Anne put Sharon up for elimination. I really didn’t want to send Sharon home – I do like her, but this is a competition; she was the competition.”

SMH, Lydia!

Anyway, here are the sexy photos from Team Anne. (see full gallery here: THE FACE EPISODE 7: MALE BONDING)



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The talk of episode 6 was the fabulous boots that Anne was wearing.  Among the twitterverse, everyone was talking about these gorgeous boots. I tweeted that they looked like Giuseppe Zanotti’s.  And indeed they were. Anne posted her styles for episode 6 last night and revealed that her fabulous boots were Giuseppe Zanotti’s.

Episode 6 campaign look: @ALEXVAUTHIER dress & @GZanottiDesign heels

Episode 6 campaign look: @ALEXVAUTHIER dress & @GZanottiDesign heels

Ep 6 look: @CoSTUMENATIONAL top & pants, @MIUMIUofficial neck tie & shoes

Ep 6 look: @CoSTUMENATIONAL top & pants, @MIUMIUofficial neck tie & shoes

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Posted by Anne V

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 with 1Comments
Throughout this competition I’ve given my girls a ton of direction. But for the Fleur du Mal lingerie campaign I wanted Tiana and Sharon to have more freedom. In the “real world,” they’re not going to have a mentor who is always looking over their shoulder. They’re not going to have someone saying, ‘This is where you sit, where you look, where you put your hand.’ As a model in the fashion industry, you get direction from photographers or directors but you also have to be able to make a picture yourself.
While I spoke up when things were going wrong, I didn’t art direct every aspect of this campaign. Unfortunately, my plan backfired. First, Team Anne didn’t give 100 percent. We gave maybe 70 percent. And I have no idea what Sharon was doing, which is unfortunate because she had been doing so well and had improved dramatically with every single campaign. In fact, Sharon had become the star of my team. You may have heard Naomi whisper to Afiya that Sharon was her biggest competition. Naomi was right.
Lydia could see it, too. In fact, she was very open about eliminating Sharon because she considered her stronger competition than Felisa. Look, I’m happy Lydia won this campaign. She deserved it. I liked her team’s concept for the ad. I also liked the composition of the picture. And I felt genuinely happy Lydia got the chance to show she’s a strong competitor and mentor. Having said that, I find it unfortunate Lydia wants her girls to compete against weaker competition.
I would want my girls to compete against the strongest models. I want them fighting against the best. I know The Face is a competition within itself, and for that reason I have to respect Lydia’s strategy. But the show is also about molding the next big thing in modeling. And having the best models competing against each other raises everyone’s game.
Over the last two episodes, I’ve gone from three super strong models to one. While that’s scary, I’m lucky to still have Tiana representing my team. She’s been a standout competitor all season long. Now, I have no choice but to put all of my energy into helping her become an even better model than she already is. Watch out!
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Yes, I know, I know…throwbacks are generally reserved for Thursdays but I had to post some pics of Anne so  TeamAnneV could get their daily fix.

So, here’s the throwback from Vogue Russia, December 2009, by photographer Terry Tsiolis (

042m Anne Vyalitsyna  Vogue Russia 2009 Anne Vyalitsyna Vogue Russia 20095 terrytsiolis2

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Say hello to Sharon Gallardo, the newest addition to our Liebeskind family of Love Children. As you may remember, Sharon is the winner of the Liebeskind brand challenge from last week’s episode of The Face!

Today the Love Child embraces Sharon, welcoming her into our family fold with a little tête-à-tête and a Q & A on being part of Team Liebeskind.

Sharon Gallardo from The Face during Liebeskind Berlin's Lookbook shoot

Sharon Gallardo, from The Face, during Liebeskind Berlin’s Lookbook shoot.

Love Child: What does it mean to you to have won the brand challenge for Liebeskind US bags on The Face?

“I’ve never been that kind of person who wins stuff, you know. (Laughter) So it was a big surprise and I really couldn’t believe it, it was definitely a larger-than-life moment.”

Sharon Gallardo from The Face during Liebeskind Berlin's Lookbook shoot

Sharon cutting loose on set.

LC: How do you think this changes your modeling life/career?

“I’ve learned that in modeling, as in life, you have no idea what’s coming your way, but definitely this Is HUGE for me. It gives me a lot of more exposure internationally and that’s never a bad thing.”

Sharon during a lingerie shoot photographed by Daniela Vesco

Sexy image from another shoot of Sharon, taken by photographer Daniela Vesco.

LC: What was it like shooting the Liebeskind Lookbook in Berlin?

“It was literally 10 times better than Christmas morning mixed with your Sweet Sixteen! (Laughing.) It was such an amazing experience and I haven’t really experienced anything so amazing ever.”

LC: Tell me a bit about what the shoot and about Berlin?

“The shoot was insanely fun! We were blasting music and it was pretty much a big shoot party from the a.m. till the evening when we were done. You can really tell that the Liebeskind team love what they do. They have great energy all the time and they work really hard.”

LC: What has been your favorite part of working with Liebeskind and our CEO, Nathalie Sears?

“Just how we all get along like a big family. They’re so warm and loving. It’s really the perfect relationship! I would not change it for the world.”

Sharon Gallardo loving Liebeskind

Sharon Gallardo loving Liebeskind.

LC: Which Liebeskind bag is your favorite and why?
“Umm, so hard to pick just one. Well, I’m currently obsessed with my purple Ramona C, but I also really like the Kaethe C tote and let’s not even start with the clothes because I love them all! ❤️”

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by Anne V | @AnneV

The androgyny challenge was so important because the girls had to transform themselves and step out of their comfort zones. I also just think it’s really fun for the girls to embrace their character.  It’s more of an acting job than a modeling job – but in reality, every model should be an actress on some level.

To me, Sharon really stood out. She took my direction so well, and she embodied being a man. I’m so proud of her because she’s really been stepping out of her comfort zone, and she has been getting consistently better and better with every episode. Tiana has very feminine features, so she didn’t stand out as much as Sharon in this challenge, but she did a great job and has performed consistently throughout the whole competition.

I thought Afiya was amazing. She really embodied her manly character. I loved that Team Naomi came up with different names. Amanda was actually really good too, because she’s such a commercial, voluptuous girl – for her to take on a different character was really new and really impressive.

I’m not going to say that we did a better job than Team Naomi, but we did a differentjob. It’s all about personal preference. I think Team Naomi had a story, and it was great. Personally I think it was a little too violent for my taste – but who am I to judge?

Our team took some risks. I may have made a mistake by putting myself in the center of the picture, which I really wasn’t planning to do. It’s hard when you’re doing a photo shoot to see what you look like!  But we decided to go for the classic Helmut Newton style. All of our shots were really inspired by him. We had a story, but we wanted to do it very high fashion and very editorial. It was kind of hard to tell a love story in a picture with three guys (like on our team) instead of two (like on Naomi’s and Lydia’s teams). But in fashion you never know who they’re going to pick. I was happy for Naomi’s team…but I hate losing!

With Khadisha: one of the reasons I put her up was because she’s a great model before she gets in front of the camera, but when she starts doing a challenge she bombs every single time. She’s been losing a lot of confidence and for some reason, she doesn’t perform right.

Bottom line: Khadisha was the worst out of my whole team. Sharon was great and I didn’t really have anything bad to say about Tiana either. I am a fair person, and that’s what I had to go with. I know that Khadisha really shone at first, but you have to be consistent. You can’t become a star, then fade out and expect people to still like you because you were great once. You have to fight for it and listen to peoples’ direction. I was trying to help her, but if she doesn’t listen or doesn’t have the capacity to become better, there’s nothing I can do. It was really unfortunate because she’s a great model. She has a great look and she’s a wonderful person –but I can’t be unfair to the girls who are better.

Naomi and I have been very lucky that we have won three challenges each. You don’t know what the client’s preferences are going to be. I can’t really be judging anyone on their mentoring. But the thing is: I feel the competition from Naomi’s girls, and from Naomi herself, but I don’t feel that from Lydia at all.  I want my girls to feel like they’re in real life, where they’re going to see the toughest competition. But Lydia’s competition is weak. What I said wasn’t a personal attack, but we want our girls to go against the best, and we didn’t feel like Lydia was bringing her heart out to being the strongest competition, and obviously the girls are unhappy, saying they want to be on a different team.

See you next week!

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Here are Anne’s  beautiful styles for Episode 5 of The Face.  Congratulations to #TeamAnneV for win #3!
#hair @brycescarlett #makeup@quinnmurphy1 #TeamAnneV

 #Céline dress & @VinceCamuto shoes

#Céline dress & @VinceCamuto shoes

@guylarocheblouse & skirt, @YSL shoes

@guylarocheblouse & skirt, @YSL shoes

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As you know, Anne has been strutting her stuff down the runway since 2001. That is 14 years of shows to cover. I have the complete database of every single show she’s walked in up to date. However, taking the time to find the pics for each and every show is a monster of a task. This weekend, I kept myself busy and dedicated to getting back to work on it. So far, I am just about half way there. Years 2001 through 2005 are complete.  2008, 2009 and 2012 are more than halfway complete.  So take some time to browse around the many looks Anne has sashayed up the catwalk.

Here’s the link for the RUNWAY SHOWS. Click that and go year by year to see her work. Comment back on your favorites. I’d love to get your input!

(Table below has year of show- then to the right, how many shows and then after that how many photos are in the albums)

2001 Runway Shows
6 53
2002 Runway Shows
60 403
2003 Runway Shows
27 156
2004 Runway Shows
22 97
2005 Runway Shows
13 78
2006 Runway Shows
1 6
2007 Runway Shows
1 7
2008 Runway Shows
2009 Runway Shows
18 181
2010 Runway Shows
1 34
2011 Runway Shows
1 26
2012 Runway Shows
16 310
2013 Runway Shows
1 81
2014 Runway Shows

Here are a few of my faves:

D Squared

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Last night at Cafiero Select, NYC, the VIPs of the fashion world showed up to support Alexi Lubomirski ‘s latest work, a book of his most celebrated photos called ” Decade“.
Decade Book

Anne was among the attendees, who graciously posed with Alexi Lubomirski, Constance Jablonski and Ric Pipino.
Alexi and Anne have worked together on various projects as seen here in VOGUE 2010 (GERMANY).

(Photos by Photographer: David X Prutting, Billy Farrell Agency)
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