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July 22, 2014
Written by Eddie Roche
Wondering how the top girls do it? The Daily Summer convinced 10 of the biggest names in the fashion game to spill their beauty secrets. Enjoy, take notes, and discuss! Catwalk beauty and The Face star Anne V. divulges her must-haves, must-do’s, and much more.

Agency: The Lions

Height: 5’10″

Hometown: Gorky, Russia

Claim to fame: She has appeared in music videos for Maroon 5 and Alanis Morissette, and she appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for 10 consecutive years.

Go-to products: “I love Mun serum, Crealine, Estée Lauder eye cream, rose water, Sisley masks, and coconut oil, which I use pretty much on every inch of my body.”

Sunscreen: “Verabella. I love that it’s super light and doesn’t feel like sunscreen but has SPF 45.”

Workout: “I love to run, especially on the beach, and do SoulCycle, yoga, Zumba, and boxing. When I’m in NYC, I work out with my trainer Justin Gelband, and in L.A., Jason Walsh.

Fragrance: “Philosykos by Diptyque.”

Beauty advice: “Listen to your body, because it will always tell you what kind of exercise it needs and wants to do. It will let you know what it wants to eat so you will get enough nutrients. Drink water, wear sunscreen, steam and sauna, and get at least eight hours of sleep.”

Skin superfoods: “I eat a lot of organic products and drink in moderation. At times I crave oranges and salmon and eat them all the time, and I know my body is lacking vitamin C and Omega 3.

Nail polish: “Deborah Lippmann’s Fashion and It’s Raining Men.”

Beach basics: “I love being on the beach, but I always lay under an umbrella because my skin is fair and tanning is extremely bad for you.



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Anne took to the streets of Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridge to shoot her latest advertising campaign, 424 Fifth. Braving the New York City sun, Anne was dressed for the upcoming fall season. Her glamsquad team for the shoot was Christopher Sherman, Marie Rao, Gina Reese, Irene Newman and Megan Neiner.

Complete Gallery Here: 424 Fifth- Behind the scenes (July 18-19)

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Back in September 2012, Anne stared in a web-series by AOLOnRelationships called “A Supermodel Stole My Husband.” The four part series had wives trying to fix one thing about their husbands that they thought needed improvement. To appeal to the husband’s sense’s the wives brought in a beautiful reinforcement: Anne V.  Below are the 4 videos which have Anne teaching the husbands how to cook, how to overcome his fear of horses, how to adopt more European styles and mannerisms, and how to  spend quality time and improve emotional connections thru a sensual  massage and spa day.

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The Lions NY has recently launched their all new website featuring the portfolios of the top models they represent. Here is Anne’s latest compcard, courtesy of the Lions website.

Check Out the site here:  The Lions, NYC

Check out Anne’s portfolio Anne V Portfolio
anne card

anne card1

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Anne is currently in Norway on holiday with her friends. So, I thought I would give you all a summer treat. Here are two video tributes to Anne made by me.  Enjoy!


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Flashback to October 2011. Anne was featured in two collectible covers of Elle France. Inside the magazine there were over twenty beautiful photos displaying the latest fall fashions. The photographer on hand for this editorial was Nagi Sakai. Below are the two covers and 22 unmarked photos that were in the magazine.

Complete gallery here:  NAGI SAKAI- 2011 (ELLE FRANCE PHOTOSHOOT)


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daily fr dailyfr1

 (NEW YORK) Blonde stunner Anne V. has a decade of appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and stalking the runway for the likes of Prada and Victoria’s Secret under her belt. Next up? A seat next to Naomi Campbell and Lydia Hearst as a mentor on the second season of Oxygen’s The Face, which premieres tonight at 10 p.m. EST. We met up with Anne at Modellounge X Microsoft to find out what it’s really like working with Naomi, how she deals with life in the tabloids, and to get the scoop on her first few months as a U.S. citizen.


Why did you decide to do The Face? I’ve never done TV, so I was waiting for the perfect opportunity. The minute we started filming it’s like these girls become your kids. You get so invested in them. I came to New York when I was 15 years old and never really had a mentor myself. I absolutely love the idea that—even on a small scale—I can help them.

You shoot a season in a very short amount of time. Yes. Just over a month. It’s probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever done in my life. On the show you have to do so much more than mentoring. You become a stylist, art director, photographer, videographer, speech writer—I’ve never really done those things even for myself because on shoots you have people doing it for you. It was really challenging for me, but it was really exciting at the same time to learn how to do something else.

Does it get emotional because you are so tired? I’m actually a workaholic and I don’t really need that much sleep. When I do something that I love I don’t really care about the hours. You get emotional because you have four girls you mentor and you really want them to do better. They go through such an emotional roller coaster. I’m a very strong person and I literally cried like a baby in every single episode.

Did you break down on camera? All the time. In the beginning you are very aware of the camera, but then you learn how to accept it. What we do in modeling is the same thing. You have a hundred people on set sometimes and you’re shooting in lingerie or a bathing suit, and you have to pretend that the photographer is your boyfriend. Will it be weird to watch yourself crying when the show airs? I don’t really know. I really wanted people to see who I was.

Did you ever have moments where you got really angry? Absolutely! Not really bitchy, but Naomi, Lydia [Hearst] and I have very strong personalities. We’ve known each other for a long time. There is going to be some confrontation because they want their girls to win as much as you do. Let’s put it this way: everyone plays differently. I’ve always played very fair. If someone deserves to win and if it’s not my girl, if it’s another girl who is better—that’s awesome, I’m happy for them. Naomi is tough. She’s very tough and she wants to win. She’ll push your buttons so much and challenge you…

Were you intimidated by Naomi? Absolutely. In the beginning I was so petrified of meeting her because she’s an icon. Once you see there is a person behind all of that, she doesn’t really intimidate you, but when she becomes “Naomi” it’s… What does it feel like? When she would yell at me? It’s petrifying, but then you just have to stand your ground. I think she respects people who have an opinion. If you don’t give that to her she can walk all over you and she’ll enjoy it so much!

Let’s talk about your career! What are you most proud of? I look at where I am and I can’t &$#!ing believe that I’m here. I can’t believe I’m in New York. I’ve been in Sports Illustrated like 10 years in a row. I remember the first time. I never thought they were going to take me because I was 18 and didn’t really have like big, ginormous boobs. And then they did! Then I have brands like Prada, for example, who book me for their show every few years. I started working with them when I was 15. Now I’m 27 and I’m still working with them. I feel so blessed.

Why didn’t you do the Victoria’s Secret show this year? I didn’t do it because I was judging Miss Universe in Russia. I’ve done the show so many times. And I couldn’t resist, I’ve been the biggest fan of Miss Universe; I watched it as a kid.

We hear you became an American citizen in November! In a way I always feel like I’m living this dream: a kid who comes to America at 15, who doesn’t speak a word of English. My parents were not with me, I just had to learn everything by myself. Even though I’m so Russian, I don’t really have a Russian mentality. I did everything you had to do to get my citizenship. I had my green card and then I waited for five years. Then I had to apply for a passport, had the interview, and had to learn the answers to 100 questions about America. There’s a lot about history. ‘How many senators are there in New York?’ ‘How many branches of government do you have?’ ‘What’s the longest river in America?’

So what’s the longest river? The Mississippi.

Your last name is Vyalitsyna. Why do people call you Anne V? My first agency was IMG. They were like ‘No one can pronounce your last name, we’ll just put Anne V.’ I was so mad about it for the longest time, then I finally was like you know what, it’s so much easier. It kind of sounds like Jay Z. I feel bad because in a way I feel like I was the first one who started that trend. People started to be lazy and not pronounce the difficult last names of the girls, and they just started to shorten it to the first letter. I feel really responsible for that. But I know my last name is really long and a lot of people are scared to say it out loud.

If you were to go to college, what would you major in? If I had gone when I was younger, I really wanted to do something with biology and chemistry. If I went now I would probably do something to learn more about economics and finance, something that will help me in my career in the future.

What’s the hardest part of modeling? The worst part is that you don’t really see the people that you love so much. Sometimes you miss a lot of important things. You miss birthdays and anniversaries, and that’s very hard. And to find people in your life that really understand that is very tough.

Speaking of people you love…you’re sometimes in tabloids. Do you read things about yourself? If someone sends it to you, you read it. I’ve been through public relationships and there is nothing worse than when you break up with someone and it gets everywhere. You just want to crawl under your covers and die. I guess it just comes with the territory. But I try to keep it as private as I can. At the end of the day we all want to love and be loved. I want a normal relationship like everyone else. I want to have a family. I want to have kids and I want to be married to one man forever. You have to protect that, because we don’t live in a normal world.

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Anne is featured in a new special feature showcasing autumn fashion for Harper’s Bazaar China, August 2014. The editorial titled “Change” was photographed by Trunk Xu and styled by Fan Xiaom, Anne models the latest fashions from up and coming Chinese designers mixed in with some legendary designers. Among the designers are Xander Zhou, Atsuko Kudo, Noel Stewart, MY TENO, Annakiki, Ricostru, Evening, alexis Bittar, Y-VISION HOMME, Judyhua, Masha Ma, content, Vega Zaishi Wang, United Nude x iVH, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, and QIUHAO.

Gallery: Harper’s Bazaar China, August 2014



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A woman with style


The new fashion is enormously diverse: On the flair cover the presents Russian supermodel Anne V the first autumn trend. In the interview she talks about the shoot and her second career as a presenter

Cover Photo: Manolo Campion, Styling: Yana Kamps, Cover Model: Anne V @ The Lions

Our cover star Anne V is Lady in Red: Miuccia Prada is consistent with strong looks, inspired by Rainer Werner Fassbinder's films and women of the German Avant-garde, on the coming F / W season
Our cover star Anne V is Lady in Red: Miuccia Prada is consistent with strong looks, inspired by Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s films and women of the German Avant-garde, on the coming F / W season

How was the shoot with flair? 
I had so much fun! The team was great, and we all wanted something timeless, cool, while creating high fashion. Your career is very successful,

You already modelten for Chloé, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. What are your next goals? 
We have just completed the filming of “The Face” with Naomi Campbell. That was great fun, and I would immediately back again. I would like to use my success to to inspire women around the world to find their voice and to discover beauty where they
least expect.

In the American TV show “The Face” Looking alongside Naomi Campbell and Lydia Hearst the “perfect” face for a high-end beauty campaign.  What were your criteria, and how do you define beauty? 
I’ve been looking for Women, have fire, determination and personality and who are willing to work hard. For me, every woman is beautiful in their own way. True beauty is when you assume so, as you are. 

did you start modeling at 15. How much the business has changed? 
There has changed enormously. I like that fashion is experimental and a new concept of beauty has become established. Women from many different cultures now have the chance to achieve something. 

Which autumn / winter trend is your favorite? 

I do not follow trends. Black is always in fashion. 

What does it mean to you to be flair-Covergirl? 
It ​​means a lot to me. There is no greater honor
than to be Covergirl.

Cover Girl Top Model Anne V
Cover Girl Top Model Anne V

For the complexion: “Original SPF 15 Foundation” of bareMinerals.
For the eyes: “Hypnose Mascara ‘in’ Extra Black” Lancôme, eyebrow powder “Brow Powder Duo” by Laura Mercier.
For the lips: “Millebaci Light & Colour Lipstick “in” Rome Red “from the limited” Ti Amo Italia “collection by Antonio Marras
for Collistar. HAIR: For curly hair: curling iron from the “Silk Styling” series ofRemington. For forms: “Styling Cream” by Sacha Juan. To fix: “Meta Luxe Hairspray” by Serge Normant. LOOK THE FLAIR RECOMMENDATION: In keeping with the knee-length satin dress by Prada accessories are combined in retro style in red and gold.


Mary Black





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Back on May 10th, I posted a teaser of Anne in China for her latest project with designer La Danum. Celine Xi of Ideal Model Management was gracious enough to share some of the behind the scenes photos of Anne, posing with a horse who wasn’t all together cooperative, but did supply some comic relief during the shoot.  (See that video below)

Today I received an email from my source giving m a sneak peek of the Fall 2014 advertising campaign for La Danam.  Let’s just say the behind the scenes teasers weren’t nearly as gorgeous as the final outcome.  So far, only 2 photos have been released. As soon as the entire campaign is released, I will bring it to you. 

So without further adieu , I present Anne Vyalitsyna for La Danum, Fall 2014. Full Gallery here: LA DANUM, FALL 2014

La_1 LaDaNala 2


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